Lillian Guan

Location: Griffith Sport MS Swimathon
Part of Griffith Sport

Recap from March 1st, Griffith MS Swimathon

Proud to have reached 300 laps of 25m today, passing my original goal of 200! Also thanks MS Swimathon for giving me these two awards. It belongs to those of you who've given me words of encouragement, and/or donated to the cause. 

Grateful to have achieved this on my first Swimathon smile And I cannot thank you all enough, for helping me to support MS. It was great to meet professional swimmers and those just having a good time. Definately a vibrant, fun environment to be in. 

I thought of the supporters/other swimmers through the cramps, and leg soreness...haha. It was definitely worth it.


Eve of the MS Swimathon!!

Just twelve hours away, I'm excited to swim and meet everyone involved with organising, and participating in, the Griffith MS Swimathon tomorrow!

My first Swimathon is something I've aspired to do for some years, but never had the courage to sign up for. But through experience with people with MS-like conditions (family and strangers), I realised that an ordinary person can make a little difference that means a lot to a community and their friends and family. 

I'm very surprised - and proud - of the reponse to the fundraising efforts of the Griffith Sport Team. We'll work extra hard to do our bit in the pool (okay, I will particularly)! This cheesy photo was in response to passing the initial $250 personal goal.

My lap goal tomorrow is 200 laps of 25 metres... Without everyone's support in words, and the comradery of the swimmers & organisers of this event, I would be further from prepared to attempt my swim goal than I am now. 

Thankou kindly for donating to the cause smile Thanks for the support. 

(If you are free between 6am - 6pm tomorrow, come and have a look!)


I'm swimming to....

Raise funds and awareness for multiple sclerosis in the 2020 Griffith Sport MS Swimathon.

In 2018, as an undergrad research intern testing biomedical devices, I saw first-hand what impact having a mobility-impairing, and/or degenerative disease can have on a person's life and surrounding loved ones.

Due to the severity and poor understanding of some of these diseases, this can impact a person's mental health too.

I would like to help in any way that I can. This is something they can't fight alone. 

Through a kind donation (small change matters), you will show your support and be contributing to change in the lives of people living with MS. 

It will provide vital services and support to assist all those affected by MS to live to their fullest and reach their true potential.

Did you know:

  • 4 Australians every working day are diagnosed with MS 
  • 30 years old is the average age of diagnosis, 20-40 years old is the most impacted age group (though MS can affect life earlier or later) 
  • Women comprise three out of four Australians living with MS 

Please DONATE to support our swim, and make your impact on the lives of Australians living with MS. smile



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Thank you to my Sponsors


John Tate

Hi Lillian I am very happy to support you and this worthy charity. Love and Best Wishes John and Family.



Best of Luck 😊


Jasmine Guan

Good job! Darling. Best wishes with Love


Andrew Busch


Charles G

I like that you can kindly help someone who are suffering painful difficulty in their life. I wish you can achieve your goal and spread your love and help to those people who are in need!


Thomas Bergman



Great effort Lillian, you're a champ!!


Patrick Petrie

Good luck with the swim!


Carly Harris

So proud of you, good luck!




Georgia Tate


Jannany Srichandra


Jayden Schnitzerling

What a great cause! Keep up the good work Lillian!


Hayden Ness

Happy to help. You deserve it.


Lachlan Weber


Serena King

You are an inspiration!





You got this Lilli ❤️❤️






Mr Lionel W Smith

Good luck i know you'll try your hardest.


Megan Collins

You got this!!


Yasmin Atwani


Lillian Guan